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Use this form below to give us a breakdown of your evening. Not all aspects of this planner will apply to your celebration so just fill out the parts that do.

Soon after you submit, we will contact you via email and setup a phone conference time and day. Usually at 8pm on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday the week of your wedding.

WARNING #1: This form will not work submitting from a cell phone.

WARNING #2: Try not to spend an hour with this form open typing tons of detail. Create a second document side by side where if this form gets lost in cyber space you don't lose all your info.

HELPFUL TIP - You might want to just send a test form in advance. I suggest this because once in a blue moon a couple isn't able to submit. This is usually the result of staying on the form too long, an old browser, a hard drive full of cookies etc etc. Again, this is very very rare but a test form is a good idea.

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Organize your reception. The drop down boxes will display a standard order which flows best with almost all reception halls
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